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                             Advertising Revolution- Video Greeting Card/Video Card/Video Brochure


The video greeting card is based on the idea of traditional greeting card with screen. So that it can  meet the function of business advertising and publicity.
The application of this type of video products are widely used in memorabilia such as sports,  cinema, movies, trailers, new vehicle launch, travel industry guides, hotels, express companies, jewelry companies, real estate video sales brochures, etc.
Depending on the internal memory size, the capacity of this video card can be from 128MB to 4GB. Battery and playtime can be selected from standard battery to extended battery capacity. Usually standard battery provides a play time of 45 minutes. You also have the possibility to add built-in buttons to every brochure as well. Using control buttons, you can easily control volume, re-play, pause, stop and choose the video that you want to play.
Every brochure comes with a USB cable. That can be used to re-charge or load new video is required.
By combining video with print you can create a highly effective way to promote your business. Let your imagination run wild to create a video print experience like no other!


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