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We fervently celebrate the cooperation with Shen Zhen Huayu Industry Control Co., Ltd. 

As one of leading POS handheld device provider, Shen Zhen Huayu Industry Control Co., Ltd focus on research and develop POS handheld device from core parts to the whole device (find all these items from the PDF file). They have strong technology team to meet all kinds of customer’s demands and customize what the clients’ want.
But nowadays, the market of Huayu is domestic in China only. Therefor, as one of Chinese international business company who focus on exporting consumer digital products to this world, We (Top Communication Technology Co., Ltd) and Huayu get the agreement to cooperate together. We are responsible for oversea selling of their POS handheld machine and Huayu do the technical support and produce POS handheld machine for us. That means we are the Exclusive Agent of Huayu POS handheld machine in China.
This also means we integrate our both advantageous resources, provide our best service with the best quality products at the most competitive price to all the clients around this world then achieve the win-win cooperation. 


The model of TCP-1220 was used in Shanghai World Expo of 2010 for check-in and was reported by our national TV program CCTV news channel.

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