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Because of our good service and long-friend business relationship with our clients, some of our clients always ask our help and send us some inquiries which the products are not on our website and of course we never let them down.


In 12th of December, 2011, unforgettable day in my life, I got the fastest order in my career till now.


China local time 6:30 p.m., one of my client asked my help on MSN and send me the product picture and inquiry detail, then I began to search this product for this client and in half hour, I found the right supplier then send the quotation to the client in 8:00 p.m.. 9:00 p.m. client confirmed the order and I send PI to him. 10:00 p.m., client send back the T/T copy of this order’s payment. Now this order is under producing and we are waiting for shipping this product to this client very soon.


This order, even for the client, it is hard for them to believe how fast it was. I still remember how astonishing my client was that moment and he said on MSN: oh, my God, start my order. Haha


This is really unforgettable day and order for me as well as for our company. At the end of 2011, we have such wonderful news and such deep-trust clients, this encourages us a lot and we determinate doing better and better in the future to help our clients and realize WIN-WIN situation for both of us. Actually, we have been doing this from we began to establish this company.


Note: This is one completely new product we never met before this order. Also it is one very simple product so we can do it so fast.

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